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Tavo Sekme, UAB is a business services and consulting company that has been operating successfully since 1999.

Our Motto – business success – is belief in our success and purposeful pursuit of a goal.

Our Clients are Lithuanian and foreign citizens and legal entities starting their own business and already successfully developing it. We have helped to register their activities for legal entities of practically all legal forms: public and private limited companies, sole proprietorships and small partnerships, public institutions and associations, clubs and trade unions, charities and support funds.

We also successfully help to increase or decrease the authorized capital, reorganize (change the legal form), reorganize (merge, affiliate, split) or liquidate legal entities.

The best evaluation of our work results – Clients’ consistency. Most of them come back and are willing to cooperate or recommend to their friends and acquaintances. The majority of Clients have entrusted the finances of their companies or institutions since the beginning of our or their activities.

This is the best advertisement and the best evaluation of our work.

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All employees have higher education in their fields of work.
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a successful business services and consulting firm.
The best evaluation of our work results is the consistency of our customers.

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Rated 5 out of 5
2022 June 1

UAB „Tavo sėkmė“ padėjo mums įregistruoti ne vieną bendrovę. Šiai kompanijai esame patikėję dviejų savo bendrovių apskaitos ir finansų tvarkymą. Kiekvieną mėnesį gauname išsamias finansines ataskaitas. Mūsų bendroves tikrinusios audito kompanijos neturi pastabų dėl buhalterinės apskaitos tvarkymo. Be buhalterinės apskaitos paslaugų, gauname visas reikalingas steigimo ir veiklos dokumentų rengimo ir jų keitimo paslaugas. Esame labai patenkinti UAB „Tavo sėkmė“ teikiamomis paslaugomis ir drąsiai galime rekomenduoti kitiems klientams.

UAB „Efarmacija“ ir UAB „Vitardus“ direktorius Mindaugas Zagorskis

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Rated 5 out of 5
2022 January 10

Esame patenkinti bendradarbiavimu su UAB “Tavo sėkmė”. Mūsų bendradarbiavimą galima apibūdinti vienu žodžiu – SĖKMĖ

Dainius Dundulis direktorius - UAB RIVONA