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    Have a business idea? Sometimes it is useful to start implementing it outside of the registration of a legal entity. If you are contacting us about registering a legal entity, don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on what kind of business plan you have. Not everyone knows that there are quite a few funds that support people starting their own business. Not all businesses are supported by non-refundable EU or state support, however, perhaps your planned activity or you yourself are on the list of supported activities/persons. However, the description of financing conditions specifies the condition that at the time of applying for support, the applicant cannot carry out economic activities, not be a participant of a legal entity, a management body, or have any employment relationships. A legal entity of a certain legal form can be established only after approval of the provision of support and financing of the business idea. 

 If you have a legal entity that falls into the category of a very small, small or medium-sized company, you may need support for the digitalization of IT activity processes (creating an electronic store with a business management system, improving the management of supply chain processes), improving the qualifications of employees, reducing labor costs, introduce new forms or methods of work organization or purchase equipment for business development. If your company has experienced a drop in revenue over the past 3 years, you may be able to benefit from financing projects aimed at adjusting the anti-crisis operational management process.